Your Pathway to Investor Readiness™

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Launching and building a startup often requires raising multiple rounds of funding from pre-seed to seed to Series A.

As a founder, you could spend hundreds of hours trying to find and secure meetings with the right investors. It’s an arduous process; but one that is critical to your success.

The big question you need to ask yourself: When you’re finally face to face with a potential funder, will you be “investor ready”?

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Be Investor Ready with the My NEXT Raise Platform

Your Pathway to Investor Readiness™

My NEXT Raise is a platform that provides, in one place, the tools startups need to increase their potential to lock in a successful raise at a fraction of the cost.

Our game-changing platform – brought to you by the founders of NEXT powered by Shulman Rogers – supports and empowers you to be investor ready from day one.

Our growing list of tools and resources includes our:

AI-Powered Data Room

Organizes your legal documents and identifies critical missing documents.

Cap Table Modeling

Models the conversion of all your SAFES and Notes and the impact on founder dilution.

Runway Calculator

Models burn rate and funding amount needed to get you to your next financing round or profitability.

Financial Dashboard

Connects to your accounting system and generates actionable management and investor reports.

AI-powered Investor List Generator

Identifies relevant VCs with contact and communication tools for optimum outreach

AI-powered Branding & Pitch Deck Creator

Develops essential brand-building collateral.

Educational Courses, Webinars and PitchMasters Workshops

Learn from and work with our industry experts before going in front of investors.

In addition, become a member of a vibrant startup community to connect with like-minded founders, mentors and service providers, while staying up to date on the latest industry trends and opportunities.

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BETA Trial Limited to 250 Startups
Launching Late Q2, 2024

Be one of only 250 founders to join the My NEXT Raise BETA platform and experience the power of our investor readiness tools, resources, and founder community before anyone else.

Your exclusive access to our Premium version during the BETA testing rolls directly into a free, one-year subscription at the end of the trial – more than $2,000 in value.

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